IF YOU'RE IN A BAND, want to kick things up a few levels?

(Maybe get more fans or go on tour or get your music on movies and TV?)

is for YOU!

Hi, my name is Aoife (sounds kinda like "EE'fa") and I'm the creator of

Music Rocks My World!

I’m a singer, songwriter, musician, producer and composer and I created Music Rocks My World for anyone getting starting - or already started - in music.

With my band, Moth Complex, I toured all across the States and in Europe. We released two albums, made videos, got featured in movies and media outlets, including UFC .

After that, I learned music production, set up a Music Production Company, called PoppyMoth, and I am currently composing the musical score for an action movie.

I'm creating Music Rocks My World as a "how to" space. You will discover how to get started doing all of these musical things - start a band, book your first show, promote your music or how to do any other musical thing you want to do!

Whatever you want to do... you can do it .

When I was starting out, people helped me. Music Rocks My World is my way of passing it on...

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Thanks for being here!

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